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The Top 10 Bitcoin Cities In The World

Cryptocurrency is quickly taking over the planet. More and more states start acknowledging this innovative digital invention, while some of them even consider introducing it as a legal means of payment. Thus, it is no doubt that a lot of new cryptocurrency companies are emerging almost every day.

According to the research conducted by Forbes, 10 cities from all over the world stood out by the number of cryptocurrency-related enterprises located in them. Some of them seem quite understandable, since they are known as world mega-cities and most important business centers. Other cities which made it to the list might, on the contrary, surprise you.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic (147)
  2. Buenos Aires, Argentina (141)
  3. San Francisco, USA (117)
  4. Madrid, Spain (101)
  5. New York, USA (101)
  6. Amsterdam, the Netherlands (88)
  7. Bogota, Colombia (87)
  8. Vancouver, Canada (86)
  9. London, Great Britain (85)
  10. Paris, France (82).

The research was carried out taking into account only the businesses located in the actual cities with no outskirts or nearby settlements. This was done to make the top-10 as fair as possible. The number in the parentheses stands for the number of crypto businesses in the city.

The leader of the rating was quite unexpected. Prague managed to outrun such giants as New York and San Francisco. The city turned out to be very open for such novelties as cryptocurrency. You can even use digital coins to pay for underground there.

The second place was occupied by Buenos Aires not by mistake. South America is known for its tolerant attitude towards digital currencies and blockchain. For example, Chile has implemented blockchain into its power systems.

The Forbes’s rating proved that cryptocurrency is truly limitless and borderless. We hope that in the future more and more cities will join the list.

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