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Sherpa dies on Mount Everest during a cryptocurrency promotion stunt

A Sherpa, who helped lead a team up Mount Everest as a part of an Cryptocurrency publicity stunt for ASKfm has been presumed dead.

ASKfm, a social networking site had sponsored the expedition to bury $50,000 worth of cryptocurrency on the peak of Mount Everest.

The social networking site ASKfm organised and sponsored a travelling and trekking campaign, where a team of professional and trained mountain climbers would go on and make the journey to get the $50,000 worth of crypto “tokens” buried at one of the highest points on earth.

Sherpa dies on Mount Everest during a cryptocurrency promotion stunt

“One Ledger wallet is officially up there for the bravest to grab”, the social networking site company had stated before the journey started.

Various news reports had suggested “one of the Sherpa’s making the journey had died on the journey to the top of the mountain Everest.”

ASKfm soon confirmation in a statement, “Sherpa Lam Babu is missing and presumed dead.”

The climbers started their descend to outrun the deteriorating weather, leaving their three Sherpas behind in the process.

The ASKfm official said: “Two of the Sherpas made it to camp 4 from the summit lagging behind the Mountaineers, however, the news of missing Sherpa was not discovered until the next morning. The two remaining Sherpas on this leg of the expedition were the last people to see the Sherpa that subsequently went missing.”

In an interview with Finance Magnates magazine, ASKfm CEO Maxim Tsaryk said that: “We can argue about if this was a good marketing ploy, but we can’t argue about the fact that anyone’s life being taken is horrible. From a PR view, this event progressed in the wrong direction, but more importantly, this is tragic and horrifying”.

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