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Poll reveals that 75% of the US investors believe bitcoin is ‘very risky’

A poll conducted by Gallup and Wells Fargo revealed that nearly three-quarters of the US investors think that bitcoin is a “very risky” investment.

The week-long study which surveyed nearly 2,000 adults in the country who have invested either in retirement savings account or through any other account unveiled that only two percent currently own bitcoin, while more than 70 percent “have no interest in ever buying bitcoin.”

The poll further found that 26 percent are “intrigued” but have no plans of investing in bitcoins anytime soon.

While apprehension towards bitcoin was the overriding feature of the study, a meagre 0.5 percent (or less than 10 people surveyed) believed that bitcoin was “not risky at all.”

Nearly 23 percent of the sample audience thought that bitcoin is “somewhat risky,” while the remaining two percent deemed bitcoin as “not too risky.”

The study also revealed that the perception of the investors regarding cryptocurrencies changes with gender and age.

“Men and younger investors are far more likely than women and seniors to say they know something about bitcoin or other digital currencies,” explained the poll organisers.

Only one percent of women and three percent of men in the survey sample owned bitcoins.

“For now, most investors are on the sidelines, knowing little to nothing about bitcoin. Few are already invested in it, and even fewer plan to jump in soon,” concluded the study.

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