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Now You Can Use Your Bitcoins to Buy Almost Anything on Amazon (US), Thanks to Bitrefill

If you own cryptocurrencies, this is arguably the biggest opportunity to use them for things other than trading. Bitrefill, a startup that sells mobile top-up vouchers and accepts cryptocurrencies for payment, is working on gift cards for Amazon, Uber, Google Play, and a number of other ecommerce companies. These cards, once acquired by a user, can be used to purchase a wide range of things from these websites. As of now company has started offering gift cards for Amazon US only, but cards for other services mentioned above are also likely to be available very soon.

The company said in its announcement that it always thought about selling gift cards, and it was also one of the most requested features by the customers of company. Therefore, Bitrefill finally decided to go ahead with this thing. A total of five cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for these gift vouchers, namely Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and Dogecoin. Currently this service is available for US and Germany based users only, but company has said that it’s working on other countries too.

Speaking about the development, Bitrefill CEO Sergej Kotliar said:

“With a regular bitcoin payment processor the merchant needs to be involved in many ways with the process which they often don’t have the time or the skills to do well. When selling a voucher we can control the user experience in [its] entirety, handle all interactions with the end customer, and they easily apply the vouchers themselves.”

On the subject of other companies that may partner with Bitrefill in coming days Kotliar said that his company is targeting all those merchants who’re starting to drop Bitcoin from their list of accepted payment methods. Whenever someone stops accepting Bitcoin for payments, the company contacts them and partners with them. He said:

“We now have a Google alert set for the words ‘no longer accepts Bitcoin’, it sends a direct email to our business development team.”

A service like this one is much needed in India, but thanks to our regulators we can’t be sure about when will Bitrefill or any other company start offering similar services in our country. So let’s see which countries are added next by Bitrefill for this voucher generation service.

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