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Now the Ex BJP MLA holds the sword of hanging Bitcoin case

Ahmedabad: In the matter of transferring crores of rupees of crores of rupees into the building by making the builder hostage, the BJP’s former MLA Nilin Kotia is also hanging the sword of arrest. In the interrogation of builder Shailesh Bhatt and the arrested police officers, the involvement of Nalin Kotia has also emerged.

It is being told that the former MLA had tied up with his nephew Sanjay to deal with Bitcoin in Mumbai and transferred the money to Amreli police officers bank. After this case has been exposed, former legislator Nilin Kotia has been underground. The police can sometimes order their arrest.


From the builder of Surat, the officers of the police and the CBI seized cash of Rs 12 crore and cash of millions of rupees. Earlier, the builder was made in bondage and kept in Gandhi Nagar and Keshav Farm House. State Home Minister Pradip Singh Jadeja handed over the investigation to CID Crime as soon as he got the information.

CID Crime had called Amreli Superintendent of Police Jagdish Patel for questioning on Saturday in this case, but he did not come. After this, the CID crime team reached Amreli and arrested her. Earlier, 10 policemen, including Amreli police inspector Anant Patel, have been arrested in this case.

Last month, Surat’s builder Shailesh Bhatt was caught by the CBI for questioning in a criminal case. Shailesh had been associated with the purchase and distribution of Bitcoin in the state for a long time. Because of this, CBI inspector Sunil Nayyar transferred him to his account in the account of Rs 5 crore, and recovered cash in excess of Rs 70 lakh.

Amreli’s Deputy Superintendent of Police Jagdish Patel and Inspector Anant Patel were also informed about this, they arrested Shailesh and took him to Amreli and deposited 12 crores of them into his account. Shailesh alleges that he was held hostage by the police and CBI officials illegally and transferred the account bookkeeping in his account. Shailesh alleges that the CBI officer threatened him by taking him to a private farm house near Gandhi Nagar Chiloda instead of a government office and transit bitcoin from him and took away cash.

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