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Cryptocurrency sold in the name of Cryptocurrency SVC Shine V Coin, Land, Coupon

The president of the company, Muhammad Saif, gives comfort to the incoming customers by saying that as many as the leader, the worker who is associated with the company, the people who came here five years ago, were the Zero, there was no deny of the house, the Kai house Was beaten, no society was saying that he would not be able to do anything in life. Those are all a luxury lifestyle here today, all of them we have made a million leaves today.

Rashid Mia started the gorges from Zero. Who today has become the owner of the company of 2000 crores. On the other hand, there was a further investigation that Rape case registered against Rashid Nasim in 2015 is also registered. After this, the generation also accused Rashid Miya of threatening to kill him.

svc shine v coin named crypto currency

SVC Shine V Coin named cryptocurrency

To ensure the suspicion of our doubt, we started the search engine of the same company. During this time we came to know that Rashid Nasim, the owner of the company, After hundreds of millions of people got lime, Rashid himself opened the Cheetah City Cheat Fund Company.

In the same year, there are many bogus allegations like rashid Naseem’s assassination attempt, cheating, criminal conspiracy and threatening in 2017. You should tell that in 2015, Rashid Nasim was also carrying a leak of tax evasion. Where 2000 crore rupees were recovered.

Shine V Coin launched from December 2017

During the video sting, when Mohammad Saif told us, we are keeping GDVC here. In a way, we have given the flat in the lucky draw in this coupon too. At the same time, he said, giving example, as if we give you multiple coupons in one thousand, suppose you gave a thousand rupees, in return for which the company gave you GDVC one hundred thousand rupees coupon.


GDVC coupon named cryptocurrency for the government to not be taken action

The business is of crypto currency but the government is not aware of it, so the name crypto currency is given to GDVc coupon, tell you, if you go to the company to buy a currency, you will be given coupons of this company.

These coupons will be proof of your purchased coin. Talking about the matter, Saif said that when the coupon was started in December then the value was 5 rupees, which today is 130 rupees.

When talking about Higher Planning, Mohammad Saif told him that planning is going to grow up, it will grow upwards, now after the exchange comes, the exchange will come in May after which we will open all the things.

Expose Cryptocurrency Fraud Company

Saif claimed that all this business is from the seven seas. Many countries have their offices and deals are directly from the international market. Tell that during the talks with Saif, he told that we are working in the international market with svc.

At the same time he said that our coon here is an Airdrop Coin which was made by our Coin 193, we gave it to International. Saif said, “Total Coin we are promoting coy in the international market itself.”

Giving examples of promotions said that as recently as we were meeting with Malaysia, happened in Thailand and in the United States of Los Angeles. On the other hand, the svc quoan has been registered in Navada, and now services office is going to be open.

SVC Coin Scam

The name of the fake currency continues in the name of the robbery

Alam here is that in this game, money is not given for rupees and currency of currency is not given. You might have wondered if an investor would have paid the money, then what would be the payment that was quitting in our mind too. When we tried to know the answer to the company’s president, Mr. Muhammad Saif, he said that it would be a law code.

Giving an example, Saif said, “We have bought coupons in pancha rupees today and today we will refund the cash by the amount of 130 rupees, how will it be?” He has to convert us to real estate only. At the same time, he said, “Real estate and our projects have to be redeemed in it.”

Overall Saif was telling the same to be the real rule of the company. If you buy coin 2000 rupees, then after two years, you will get four lakh rupees, you will get a flat or plot for four lakh rupees or another product made by another company. .

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