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Cracked cheat in Bitcoin’s name, special cell arrested mastermind in India

The two accused who have cheated on the name of bitcoin trading have been arrested by Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police. The accused linked the people through their multi-level marketing scheme to their bogus company and asked them to trade bitcoin in order to earn huge profits.

The accused had also created an online portal for mining and trading of bitcoins. Thugs used to make fake claims of portal being US-based. Cyber ​​cell got an ID of around 5,000 people from the accused’s laptop. The police suspect that the accused has so far fired more than 15 million from many people.

Bitcoin scam Alert

According to DCP cyber cell Oshesh Roy, the names of accused arrested are Deepak Jangra (37) and Deepak Malhotra (56). Both are from Sonepat, Haryana. Deepak Jangra has worked in the first multi level marketing company. So using the same network, he joined with Deepak Malhotra to connect more than 5000 people with him.

The accused were blamed for the fact that the cost of bitcoin is the highest. In the last 10 years, more than 1000 times has increased. Many people got involved in the money investing in buying bitcoin after blaming them for 12% returns. In the initial times, he also gave money to many people in the form of profits.

According to the police, he later launched his own crypto currency named BMP. Then, on the say of the accused, people started putting money in cryptocurrency rather than Bitcoin. When hundreds of people invested more than 15 crores in the number of people, they stopped giving returns to investors.

Deepak Jangra used to meet at Five Star Hotel to take the investors into confidence. When the investor began seeking money, he fled abroad with family in February. Before returning to Sonipat a few days ago, the police arrested Deepak Jangra and Deepak Malhotra before the police. Police say that the Indian government has already made it clear that cryptocurrency in India is illegal.

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