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Congress: Investigation of ‘Bitcoin Scam’ in Gujarat is in the custody of the court

The Congress party has demanded the judicial inquiry into alleged betuquine scam of thousands of crores of rupees in Gujarat after the ban, under the supervision of the Supreme Court. Party leader Shakti Singh Gohil has also claimed that the alleged ‘scandal’ is being revealed in the involvement of BJP leaders. That is why in this case, unbiased investigations can not be expected from government agencies.

In a press conference on Thursday, a Congress leader from Gujarat, Gohil said that a few months ago, the CID (Crime) Branch of Gujarat Police had disclosed this matter on the complaint of a person. Initial investigation revealed that in this case, black money was largely white in this case. Gohil alleges that the ‘bitcoin scam’ was going on with the blessings of the BJP government.

Noteben came with a big jackpot for BJP leaders. If the Gujarat CID is considered, then the scam is five thousand crores, while some newspapers and bloggers say that the amount of scam has reached Rs 88000 crores.

They have claimed that money was levied by people using BitQuinn using government agencies in this case. Since bitcoin is illegal, so many people have not even complained about this. This whole issue came out on the complaint of a person.

Gohil questioned that during the Karnataka elections, the central government of BJP had used CBI and ED against our leaders. When there was a big scandal in Gujarat, the CBI and ED were not seen anything.

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